update Features5, shortcuts, and opus
[goodguy/history.git] / cinelerra-5.1 / doc / Features5.pdf
2017-11-30 Good Guyupdate Features5, shortcuts, and opus
2017-10-29 Good Guywide char tweaks, Features5 update, subtitle triple...
2017-09-29 Good Guyupdate features5.pdf, fix intl titlebars, add sams...
2017-08-30 Good Guyversion update, documentation update
2017-07-29 Good Guyupdate Features5, update plugins.txt, add sams picons
2017-03-30 Good Guyversion update, features5 docs
2017-01-02 Good Guyversion update, build mods, update Features5.pdf
2016-10-02 Good Guyupdate Features5 docs
2016-06-04 Good Guyupdate Features5.pdf, fixes for awindowgui
2016-05-27 Good Guyuse autoconf/automake for configuration