Credit Andrew with minor configuration updates
[goodguy/cinelerra.git] / cinelerra-5.1 / thirdparty /
8 days ago Good GuyCredit Andrew with minor configuration updates master 2023-11
2023-11-15 Good GuyCredit ffmpeg team with upgrade to 6.1
2023-11-07 Good Guyupdate tiff library from 4.5.0 to 4.6.0
2023-10-06 Good GuyCredit Andrew with recommending upgrade libvpx
2023-09-21 Good Guybug fix mostly for 32-bit O/S and mirror pngs
2023-09-18 Good GuyCredit Andrew update libwebp and switch from cmake...
2023-08-30 Good GuyCredit Andrew - cleanup for Slackware, etc.
2023-08-30 Good GuyCredit Andrew - rest of fix for Arch (and termux) which...
2023-08-29 Good GuyCredit Andrew fixes for mostly Arch build
2023-06-03 Good Guyffmpeg git patches for 6.0 updates
2023-05-25 Good Guyremove previous version libraries
2023-04-07 Good GuyCredit Andrew for termux patches and Andrew for prores_...
2023-04-04 Good Guybandaged fingers naming mistake for x264
2023-04-03 Good Guyupgrade x264 to r3106 stable release
2023-03-25 Good Guyupdate vpx library for vp8 and vp9 webm
2023-03-21 Good Guyforgot relative patch qualification for tiff patches
2023-03-21 Good Guyupgrade 3 libraries
2023-02-15 Good Guyfix incorrect name and Makefile change from Andrew
2023-02-15 Good Guyremove previous sources and wrong name
2023-02-14 Good GuyCredit Andrew patch for aarch64 clang to x265
2023-02-11 Good GuyCredit Andrew added returns + vulkan patch
2023-02-06 Good GuyReported by Fedora team for gcc-13 and Andrew created...
2023-02-02 Good GuyCredit Andrew - BSD fixes + a little more
2023-01-28 Good Guyspeedup patch specifically for VP9, 4K or 8K raw videos...
2022-11-21 Good GuyRemove old ffmpeg 4.4 + Credit Andrew bsfc crash fix
2022-10-16 Good GuyCredit ffmpeg team - security fix for ffmpeg 5.1
2022-09-26 Good Guydelete outdated libraries
2022-09-21 Good GuyCredit Tiff team + Andrew lerc fix
2022-09-21 Good GuyCredit Flac team + Andrew gui mods and Alac render...
2022-08-27 Good Guyupdate ffmpeg.git files for newer versions
2022-08-27 Good Guydelete 2 of ffmpeg.git patches
2022-08-26 Good Guydelete old library versions
2022-08-19 Good GuyCredit FFmpeg team / Andrew patch / Andrea plugins...
2022-07-25 Good GuyCredit libaom/libvpx teams and Andrew patch update
2022-07-25 Good Guyremove old libaom
2022-07-25 Good Guyremove outdated openjpeg
2022-06-29 Good Guyscript updates from Andrew and Miroslav
2022-05-18 Good Guyupdate openjpeg and fix timecode shortcut
2022-05-04 Good Guyfixes and accomodations for other operating systems...
2022-05-03 Good Guybluray lpcm fixes from Andrew
2022-04-28 Good Guylpcm with tsmuxer cleanup by Andrew
2022-04-12 Good Guyadd bluray lpcm + from Andrew
2022-04-05 Good Guymostly DPX list read inclusion
2022-03-31 Good Guyversion update 2022-03
2022-03-17 Good Guyminor changes from Andrew to accomodate Termux, etc
2022-03-08 Good Guyvp9 multibit and lossless improvements by Andrew
2022-03-02 Good Guyfix for aarch64 and 32-bit Debian 11 by Andrew
2022-02-17 Good Guybuild will not work unless delete the old version becau...
2022-02-17 Good Guyupdate libvpx from 1.8.2 to 1.11.0
2022-02-08 Good Guyremove previous fftw version
2022-02-08 Good Guyupdate fftw from 3.3.8 to 3.3.10 and update
2022-02-07 Good Guyupdate to latest libogg and tiff
2022-01-16 Good Guythe last, hopefully, of the aarch64 Makefile changes...
2022-01-13 Good Guyjust minor fixes for aarch64 and better SUV theme pngs
2022-01-05 Good Guyautoconf/autoreconf addition to support aarches64 by...
2021-12-19 Good Guybuild less openexr extras to save time and space from...
2021-12-17 Good Guyupgrade of libjpeg-turbo as discovered by Andrew
2021-12-13 Good Guyremove outdated thirdparty libraries
2021-12-12 Good Guyminor changes that affect builds from MatN/Andrew
2021-12-07 Good Guyremove previous editions
2021-12-05 Good Guyminor improvements from Andrew
2021-11-25 Good Guystill more Andrew Termux/Android mods
2021-11-24 Good Guymore Termux/Android mods from Andrew related to mjpegtools
2021-11-23 Good Guyffmpeg patches for TERMUX from Andrew + mpeg formats
2021-11-01 Good Guyupdate libaom via Andrew + 0006 patch LIBZMPEG
2021-11-01 Good Guydelete oldest libaom
2021-10-22 Good Guyrename file and add Andrew 0002 HAVE_DV patch
2021-10-21 Good Guydefaults for mxf format + android/termux patches from...
2021-10-19 Good GuyAndrew mod to ignore opus extras + title plugin X11...
2021-10-11 Good GuyMatN prevents continuous reload of plugins for AppImage...
2021-09-11 Good Guyprint out directory name of LV2 path; Andrew patch...
2021-08-27 Good Guyffmpeg upgrade from 4.3 to 4.4 / Andrew fixed patches...
2021-08-15 Good Guyminor improvements from Andrew
2021-08-05 Good Guyminor fix and better name
2021-08-05 Good Guyremove badly named file
2021-08-04 Good Guypatch to apply when compiling for 10/12 bit by Andrew
2021-07-29 Good GuyUpgrade x265 base as provided by Andrew
2021-07-28 Good GuyRafa Mar update Spanish + Andrea improved libaom build
2021-07-21 Good Guyupgrade libaom from 3.0.0 to 3.1.1 per Andrew
2021-07-02 Good Guyupgrade x264 via Andrew
2021-06-25 Good Guyremove old openjpeg which was upgrade awhile back
2021-06-25 Good Guyupgrade libjpeg-turbo as proposed by Andrew
2021-02-05 Good Guyupdate openjpeg from Andrew + minor Help from RafaMar
2020-12-14 Good Guyferdnyc patch for OpenEXR with gcc 11
2020-10-16 Good Guyupdate ffmpeg mpegtsenc bluray patch, tweak asset equiv...
2020-09-23 Good Guydowngrade dav1d to 5.1 seek fails, bg clr uses alpha...
2020-08-01 Good Guyversion update, build tweaks 2020-07
2020-07-26 Good Guycin_db Makefile tweak, awdw vicon stop draw lock rework,
2020-07-20 Good Guyadd timecode units/alignment/probe, add prefs auto_rotate,
2020-07-11 Good Guyffmpeg scan remap fix, all or none fix...
2020-04-15 Good Guyadd ffmpeg patch for mjpeg vdpau hw accel
2020-04-06 Good Guyfix boxblur segv, tweak guicast Makefile for 3rd party...
2020-04-04 Good Guyadd VFrameJpeg for shapewipe shapes, switch to jpeg...
2020-03-27 Good Guytweak openexr build lib path
2020-03-25 Good Guyremove filepng little-endian, reactivate sift in opencv
2020-03-23 Good Guybld tweaks for xplatform builds, fix bad clamps, andrew...
2020-03-19 Good Guyback out dav1d 0.6.0->0.5.1 nasm incompatible most...
2020-03-17 Good Guyandrew file-exr/png/tiff mods, png add depth/compressio...
2020-03-13 Good Guyfix audiospect ratio in scale per andrew, upgrade dav1d...
2020-02-28 Good Guylocale expanders txt, libpulse prereq, debian shlibs...