2021-12-30 Good Guyimproved Blur plugin
2021-12-19 Good Guyimproved plugins with added Tumbler box and visible...
2021-12-19 Good Guybuild less openexr extras to save time and space from...
2021-12-17 Good Guyupgrade of libjpeg-turbo as discovered by Andrew
2021-12-13 Good Guyremove outdated thirdparty libraries
2021-12-12 Good Guyminor changes that affect builds from MatN/Andrew
2021-12-07 Good Guyremove previous editions
2021-12-05 Good Guyminor improvements from Andrew
2021-11-30 Good Guyversion update 2021-11
2021-11-26 Good Guyfix shuttle for Termux/Android too
2021-11-25 Good Guystill more Andrew Termux/Android mods
2021-11-24 Good Guymore Termux/Android mods from Andrew related to mjpegtools
2021-11-23 Good Guyffmpeg patches for TERMUX from Andrew + mpeg formats
2021-11-19 Good Guyrest of Termux related mods from Andrew
2021-11-19 Good Guyminor correction as relayed by Georgy
2021-11-18 Good Guyeven more Termux related mods by Andrew + MatN configur...
2021-11-17 Good Guymodify for termux as submitted by Andrew
2021-11-15 Good Guyadditional Andrew provided Termux mods +
2021-11-11 Good Guyfixes for checkin 2 times ago
2021-11-10 Good Guynot needed since build defaults to no commercial build
2021-11-09 Good Guyadditional TERMUX related mods from Andrew
2021-11-01 Good Guyoops again - update configure for v3.2.0
2021-11-01 Good Guyupdate libaom via Andrew + 0006 patch LIBZMPEG
2021-11-01 Good Guydelete oldest libaom
2021-10-31 Good Guyversion update 2021-10
2021-10-27 Good Guyadd Andrea additional mxf formats, add Hungarian transl...
2021-10-22 Good Guyoops - now add termux/android DV patch
2021-10-22 Good Guyrename file and add Andrew 0002 HAVE_DV patch
2021-10-21 Good Guydefaults for mxf format + android/termux patches from...
2021-10-19 Good GuyAndrew mod to ignore opus extras + title plugin X11...
2021-10-15 Good Guyimprovements/fixes from MatN and Andrew related to...
2021-10-13 Good Guyfade in / out in titler fix from freelancer
2021-10-11 Good GuyMatN prevents continuous reload of plugins for AppImage...
2021-10-10 Good GuyAndrea supplied DPX and Cineform render formats
2021-09-30 Good Guyversion update 2021-09
2021-09-28 Good GuyMatN mods to fix LV2 better and prevent crashes at...
2021-09-21 Good Guyfix problem of using opengl transitions with Motion51...
2021-09-14 Good Guyadd rest of 8 missing plugin icons
2021-09-11 Good Guyprint out directory name of LV2 path; Andrew patch...
2021-09-09 Good GuyMatN analyzed new Ardour LV2 plugin problem
2021-08-31 Good Guyversion update 2021-08
2021-08-30 Good Guyminor fixes from Andrew + info on plugins
2021-08-28 Good Guyminor corrections for plugin information
2021-08-27 Good Guyffmpeg upgrade from 4.3 to 4.4 / Andrew fixed patches...
2021-08-22 Good GuyContributed Speed PerCent video plugin
2021-08-15 Good Guyminor improvements from Andrew
2021-08-10 Good GuyAndrew contribution to add preference method for Fast...
2021-08-08 Good Guybug fix for In/Out pointer Attach Effect on empty track...
2021-08-05 Good Guyminor fix and better name
2021-08-05 Good Guyremove badly named file
2021-08-04 Good Guypatch to apply when compiling for 10/12 bit by Andrew
2021-07-31 Good Guyversion update 2021-07
2021-07-29 Good GuyUpgrade x265 base as provided by Andrew
2021-07-28 Good GuyRafa Mar update Spanish + Andrea improved libaom build
2021-07-21 Good Guyupgrade libaom from 3.0.0 to 3.1.1 per Andrew
2021-07-20 Good GuyAndrew supplied x265 high-bit profiles
2021-07-19 Good GuyAndrew improvements to split YUV color space, + minor...
2021-07-09 Good GuyAndrew has fixed Export EDL for CMX3600 output
2021-07-02 Good Guyupgrade x264 via Andrew
2021-06-30 Good Guyaddition render formats + update about msg 2021-06
2021-06-25 Good Guyremove old openjpeg which was upgrade awhile back
2021-06-25 Good Guyupgrade libjpeg-turbo as proposed by Andrew
2021-06-20 Good GuyAndrew supplied additional mxf render formats
2021-06-17 Good Guyfix for Gang Channels/Media
2021-06-14 Good GuyAndrew rates additions
2021-05-31 Good Guyversion update 2021-05
2021-05-24 Good Guyremove ExportEDL as an option until fixed
2021-05-14 Good Guyminor changes; mostly for new Context Help feature
2021-05-10 Good GuyExciting new Alt/h help key provided by sge (Georgy...
2021-03-31 Good Guyversion update 2021-03
2021-03-25 Good Guyadd HV 7-3 new plugins
2021-02-28 Good Guyfixup for older distros + updated Preference/About...
2021-02-27 Good Guyadd MatN appimage build and get rid of some compile...
2021-02-19 Good Guyfix for X11/direct with jpeg background rendering
2021-02-11 Good Guyadd Autosave continuous backups by Andras Reuss and...
2021-02-07 Good GuyRafaMar fixed my comment error
2021-02-05 Good Guyupdate openjpeg from Andrew + minor Help from RafaMar
2021-02-03 Good Guyadd Andrew new ffmpeg video file + update batch help...
2021-02-03 Good GuyBatch Render menu help key using xdg-open + 8 more...
2021-02-01 Good Guyre-thinking batch render help so revert to previous
2021-01-30 Good Guynew files from RafaMar for Batch Render help
2021-01-30 Good GuyRafaMar + programmer friend Help button in Batch Render...
2021-01-28 Good GuyRafaMar added / fixed Shell Commands usage + Andrea...
2021-01-26 Good GuyAndrew add of titler reset button and english save...
2021-01-22 Good GuyAndrew fixed Attach Transitions and added english tips
2021-01-19 Good GuyAndrew minor fix for console running of Batch Render...
2021-01-18 Good Guycleanup + re-created cin po
2021-01-18 Good Guybatch render solution for unsafe buttons by Andrew +
2021-01-15 Good GuyAndrew and RafaMar tips improvements
2021-01-10 Good GuyAndrew minor update for Russian
2021-01-06 Good GuyRafaMar updates for Spanish batch
2020-12-14 Good Guyferdnyc patch for OpenEXR with gcc 11
2020-12-13 Good Guyadd Georgy HTML manual to shell button commands
2020-12-11 Good GuyAndrea improved and split up more meaningfully prores...
2020-12-08 Good GuyRafaMar fixes to Spanish translation + minor fixes
2020-12-05 Good Guyadd toggles for the windows by Andrew
2020-12-02 Good Guyfix single frame, eg png, by Andrew; fix shortcuts...
2020-12-01 Good GuyAndrew improves asset of Interlace + some aspect ratio...
2020-11-29 Good GuyAnon Contributor fixed keyfram Ctrl-a, etc. shortcuts...
2020-11-27 Good Guywaveform addition on videoscope of IRE 92.2 + 6.3 lines...