Credit Andrew with minor configuration updates
[goodguy/cinelerra.git] / cinelerra-5.1 / thirdparty / downloads.txt
2023-11-15 Good GuyCredit ffmpeg team with upgrade to 6.1
2023-11-07 Good Guyupdate tiff library from 4.5.0 to 4.6.0
2023-09-21 Good Guybug fix mostly for 32-bit O/S and mirror pngs
2023-04-03 Good Guyupgrade x264 to r3106 stable release
2023-03-25 Good Guyupdate vpx library for vp8 and vp9 webm
2022-09-21 Good GuyCredit Tiff team + Andrew lerc fix
2022-07-25 Good GuyCredit libaom/libvpx teams and Andrew patch update
2022-06-29 Good Guyscript updates from Andrew and Miroslav
2022-02-17 Good Guyupdate libvpx from 1.8.2 to 1.11.0
2022-02-08 Good Guyupdate fftw from 3.3.8 to 3.3.10 and update
2021-12-17 Good Guyupgrade of libjpeg-turbo as discovered by Andrew
2021-07-29 Good GuyUpgrade x265 base as provided by Andrew
2021-07-21 Good Guyupgrade libaom from 3.0.0 to 3.1.1 per Andrew
2021-07-02 Good Guyupgrade x264 via Andrew
2021-06-25 Good Guyupgrade libjpeg-turbo as proposed by Andrew
2021-02-05 Good Guyupdate openjpeg from Andrew + minor Help from RafaMar
2020-07-11 Good Guyffmpeg scan remap fix, all or none fix...
2020-04-04 Good Guyadd VFrameJpeg for shapewipe shapes, switch to jpeg...
2020-03-13 Good Guyfix audiospect ratio in scale per andrew, upgrade dav1d...
2020-02-28 Good Guylocale expanders txt, libpulse prereq, debian shlibs...
2019-09-30 rootrevert openexr-2.4.0, breaks most builds, req cmake...
2019-09-27 Good Guyupgrade t0 openexr-2.4.0, fix file probe for openexr
2019-09-13 Good Guyupgrade libx265 to 3.1.2, tweak menupopup placement
2019-09-04 Good Guyadd crop plugin, add timeline bars, render setup err...
2019-06-16 Good add with-cuda/nv, update cakewalk theme...
2019-04-02 Good Guyupgrade libvpx+lv2, fix dbl tap play bug, add multi...
2019-02-04 Good Guyfix editpanel wdw lock issues, use undo bracketing...
2019-02-02 Good Guyremove file ogg/vorbis
2018-10-30 Good Guyinitial commit