4 days ago Good GuyCredit Tiff team + Andrew lerc fix master
5 days ago Good GuyCredit Flac team + Andrew gui mods and Alac render...
2022-09-03 Good Guyminor corrections to plugin.opts
2022-08-31 Good Guyversion update 2022-08
2022-08-27 Good Guyupdate ffmpeg.git files for newer versions
2022-08-27 Good Guydelete 2 of ffmpeg.git patches
2022-08-26 Good GuyCredit Andrew for additional video render formats
2022-08-26 Good Guydelete old library versions
2022-08-19 Good GuyCredit FFmpeg team / Andrew patch / Andrea plugins...
2022-07-31 Good Guyversion update 2022-07
2022-07-26 Good GuyCredit Andrew minor configure fixes
2022-07-25 Good GuyCredit libaom/libvpx teams and Andrew patch update
2022-07-25 Good Guyremove old libaom
2022-07-25 Good Guyremove outdated openjpeg
2022-06-30 Good Guyversion update 2022-06
2022-06-29 Good Guyscript updates from Andrew and Miroslav
2022-06-13 Good Guyfix neophyte disarmed color + Andrew Termux libbthread fix
2022-06-06 Good Guychanged .gitignore to not ignore Makefile so build...
2022-06-06 Good Guyadd libbthread to main directory for Android from Andrew
2022-06-04 Good Guycppcheck fixes discovered by Andrew
2022-05-31 Good Guyversion update 2022-05
2022-05-25 Good Guyexpand vaapi render formats and add shortcut
2022-05-22 Good Guyupdate opencv_build so it works with ffmpeg 5
2022-05-18 Good Guyupdate openjpeg and fix timecode shortcut
2022-05-16 Good Guya few more bsd building mods from Andrew
2022-05-14 Good Guynew netbsd files by Andrew
2022-05-13 Good Guyffmpeg versioning mods from Andrew
2022-05-12 Good Guyupdating for Slackware compile by Andrew
2022-05-11 Good GuyLV2 mods in build + 4 Calf LV2 removals
2022-05-08 Good Guyfixes and changes to Makefile for more generality
2022-05-07 Good Guymostly fixes for dynamic/3rd party builds from Andrew
2022-05-06 Good Guytermux and bsd accomodations by Andrew
2022-05-04 Good Guyadditional improvements for freebsd mostly
2022-05-04 Good Guyfixes and accomodations for other operating systems...
2022-05-03 Good Guybluray lpcm fixes from Andrew
2022-04-30 Good Guyversion update 2022-04
2022-04-28 Good Guylpcm with tsmuxer cleanup by Andrew
2022-04-25 Good Guyfix chapter interval and tsmuxer by Andrew and company
2022-04-18 Good GuyBluray enhancements by Andrew
2022-04-12 Good Guyadd bluray lpcm + from Andrew
2022-04-11 Good Guyupdate guicast/Makefile for ppc and freebsd, netbsd
2022-04-11 Good Guyminor fixes
2022-04-08 Good Guyfix up Phyllis mistakes for GIF
2022-04-06 Good GuyGIF ifdefs for ppc from Andrew
2022-04-05 Good Guyjust a few adjustments from Andrew
2022-04-05 Good Guymostly DPX list read inclusion
2022-03-31 Good Guyversion update 2022-03
2022-03-30 Good GuyMatN needed updates and additional information
2022-03-28 Good GuyMatN work for versatile appimage creation for all types...
2022-03-23 Good GuyGeorgy Context Help fix for shuttle and enhanced user...
2022-03-21 Good Guyslight change for encode less blocky
2022-03-17 Good Guyminor changes from Andrew to accomodate Termux, etc
2022-03-11 Good Guyneed dfl for jp2 also
2022-03-08 Good Guyvp9 multibit and lossless improvements by Andrew
2022-03-07 Good GuyDPX for ffmpeg problem fix when render
2022-03-02 Good Guyfix for aarch64 and 32-bit Debian 11 by Andrew
2022-02-28 Good Guymonthly update msg 2022-02
2022-02-17 Good Guyoops again, forgot to update
2022-02-17 Good Guybuild will not work unless delete the old version becau...
2022-02-17 Good Guyupdate libvpx from 1.8.2 to 1.11.0
2022-02-08 Good Guyremove previous fftw version
2022-02-08 Good Guyupdate fftw from 3.3.8 to 3.3.10 and update
2022-02-07 Good Guyupdate to latest libogg and tiff
2022-01-30 Good Guyreverse Fade In, Fade Out patch from Freelancer 2022-01
2022-01-26 Good Guycheck GIF list files to be the same size so not crashing
2022-01-24 Good Guyupdate SUV theme from pencil drawings
2022-01-16 Good Guythe last, hopefully, of the aarch64 Makefile changes...
2022-01-14 Good Guyremove incorrectly named
2022-01-14 Good Guycorrect name is not
2022-01-13 Good Guyjust minor fixes for aarch64 and better SUV theme pngs
2022-01-06 Good Guyminor Termux build to disable docs
2022-01-05 Good Guyautoconf/autoreconf addition to support aarches64 by...
2021-12-31 Good Guyversion update 2021-12
2021-12-30 Good Guyimproved Blur plugin
2021-12-19 Good Guyimproved plugins with added Tumbler box and visible...
2021-12-19 Good Guybuild less openexr extras to save time and space from...
2021-12-17 Good Guyupgrade of libjpeg-turbo as discovered by Andrew
2021-12-13 Good Guyremove outdated thirdparty libraries
2021-12-12 Good Guyminor changes that affect builds from MatN/Andrew
2021-12-07 Good Guyremove previous editions
2021-12-05 Good Guyminor improvements from Andrew
2021-11-30 Good Guyversion update 2021-11
2021-11-26 Good Guyfix shuttle for Termux/Android too
2021-11-25 Good Guystill more Andrew Termux/Android mods
2021-11-24 Good Guymore Termux/Android mods from Andrew related to mjpegtools
2021-11-23 Good Guyffmpeg patches for TERMUX from Andrew + mpeg formats
2021-11-19 Good Guyrest of Termux related mods from Andrew
2021-11-19 Good Guyminor correction as relayed by Georgy
2021-11-18 Good Guyeven more Termux related mods by Andrew + MatN configur...
2021-11-17 Good Guymodify for termux as submitted by Andrew
2021-11-15 Good Guyadditional Andrew provided Termux mods +
2021-11-11 Good Guyfixes for checkin 2 times ago
2021-11-10 Good Guynot needed since build defaults to no commercial build
2021-11-09 Good Guyadditional TERMUX related mods from Andrew
2021-11-01 Good Guyoops again - update configure for v3.2.0
2021-11-01 Good Guyupdate libaom via Andrew + 0006 patch LIBZMPEG
2021-11-01 Good Guydelete oldest libaom
2021-10-31 Good Guyversion update 2021-10
2021-10-27 Good Guyadd Andrea additional mxf formats, add Hungarian transl...
2021-10-22 Good Guyoops - now add termux/android DV patch