2016-04-14 Good Guyrework keyframe hide popup, keyframe auto render, textb...
2016-04-14 Good Guyrevert de.po
2016-04-13 Good Guyfix for last check, bad intl text code
2016-04-13 Good Guyadd subtitle help text, update de.po
2016-04-12 Good Guyfix for join strategy change
2016-04-12 Good Guymerge: repair break in audio capture
2016-04-11 Good Guychange thread join strategy, fix a few leaks, fix a...
2016-04-09 Good Guyupdate po files, plus a few fixes and improvements
2016-04-07 Good Guyrework index builder, add pro ffmpeg format
2016-04-05 Good Guyadd disable opengl masking, switch shift/ctrl op in...
2016-03-31 Good Guyfix pbuffer leak
2016-03-30 Good Guymerge: leaks, nested seq segv, ffmpeg avi frames
2016-03-28 Good Guymerge: mask fixes/upgrades, overlay plugin rework,...
2016-03-26 Good Guymerge: fixes/rework for fader, single frame ffmpeg...
2016-03-23 Good Guymerge: added speed auto gang/ranges, fix overlayframe...
2016-03-21 Good Guymerge: fixes to speed autos, draw float autos, edit...
2016-03-21 Good Guymerge: fix loadfile rm dup create_objects, fix put_title
2016-03-21 Good Guyfix bad uuid.h ref, fix segv in is_over_patchbay for...
2016-03-20 Good GuyMerge CV, ver=5.1; ops/methods from HV, and interface...
2016-03-01 Good Guyprevent popup deactivation while button_down
2016-02-29 Good Guyfix to histogram_bezier polynomial
2016-02-29 Good Guyupdate greycstoration CImg.h (163->168)
2016-02-29 Good Guyplugin fixes and upgrades
2016-02-29 Good Guyadd histogram_bezier plugin
2016-02-29 Good Guyremove unused quark,microtheme plugins
2016-02-27 Good Guyfixes and upgrades to guicast
2016-02-24 Good Guyde.po update from Danny Schmarsel
2016-02-23 Good Guyupdate ffmpeg (2.8.4->3.0) giflib,openjpeg,x264,x265
2016-02-23 Good Guyfix plugin probe when LANG != en
2016-02-23 Good Guyupdated internationalization po files
2016-02-20 Good Guydelete mwindow before restarting for new theme
2016-02-19 Good Guythirdparty lib CV build script mods
2016-02-18 Good Guygamma yuva hist fix, theme change without exit
2016-02-16 Good GuyLADSPA_PATH env var processing
2016-02-15 Good Guymake viewer initially visible
2016-02-14 Good Guyakirad fixups for splash, folders, icons
2016-02-13 Good Guyrework android-rmt display, add a few buttons
2016-02-12 Good Guyupdate android remote_control app for android-studio...
2016-02-12 Good Guymerge akirad ui / themes + icons
2016-02-02 Good Guydont start muxer if open_encoder fails, fix framerate...
2016-02-02 Good Guyupdate bld prereqs
2016-02-01 Good Guyx265 patch for threadpool shutdown fix submited as:
2016-01-30 Good Guyfix prob in last checkin with seek read limit
2016-01-30 Good Guyrework ffmpeg seek, bld_script updates
2016-01-29 Good Guyreplace plugin icon data with CV ver for merge, replace...
2016-01-28 Good Guyrehome git repo, change config dir to .bcast5
2016-01-28 Good Guyfont/icon scaling default=1, remove glx probe msgs
2016-01-24 Good Guydb gdb debug wait feature, sort commit pages
2016-01-04 Good Guydb fixes and upgrades
2016-01-01 Good Guyfixup a bunch of memory use issues
2015-12-31 Good Guyupdate thirdparty
2015-12-23 Good Guyicon fixes for theme data
2015-12-21 Good Guyadd scaled icon data
2015-12-19 Good Guychange to fixed rate refresh stratigy for vicons
2015-12-17 Good Guyadd refresh rate to vicons + a bunch of bug fixes
2015-12-13 Good Guyfixes and upgrades for vicons
2015-12-12 Good Guyadd adams 4.6->4.6.1 (mostly)
2015-12-04 Good Guyfixes for vicons checkin
2015-12-03 Good Guyadd vicons
2015-11-09 Good Guyfix bad widget placement in perfprefs
2015-11-09 Good Guyremove filefork
2015-11-06 Good Guyadd LastFrame plugin, add bld_scripts
2015-11-02 Good Guyadd loader crutches for ubuntu
2015-11-01 Good Guyfplugin fix for framedrop playback
2015-10-31 Good Guyadd ffmpeg filters as plugins
2015-10-01 Good Guyfix nvidia gl lock problem, update active vwindow tests
2015-09-27 Good Guyfix segv in formattools for record format ffmpeg
2015-09-25 Good Guyadd ffmpeg indexing
2015-09-23 Good Guyupgrade to ffmpeg-2.8
2015-09-05 Good Guymove aspect ratio fixex, better get_info, fixes for...
2015-09-03 Good Guyaspect ratio fixes for dvd/bd create, TZ fix
2015-09-01 Good Guyremove old quicktime, replaced with current ffmpeg
2015-09-01 Good Guybunch of small fixes, add msg.txt to about prefs
2015-08-24 Good Guysync to last commit on google_code
2015-08-22 Good Guyfixups for plugins interpolate, c41
2015-08-21 Good Guyso long, Michael Niedermayer... and thanks for all...
2015-08-20 Good Guyfixed for v4l2 captures, add colormodel uyuv
2015-08-17 Good Guycentos build workarounds
2015-08-17 Good Guyadd missing ffmpeg encoder flush, bdwrite leaks + fixes
2015-08-16 Good Guyadd bluray support, add dialog close fixes, scale fix
2015-08-07 Good Guyadd shell menu btns, add manual
2015-08-04 Good Guyrepair flickering video encode, bug created last checkin
2015-08-02 Good Guyallow ffmpeg video to resample curr_pos, add bluray...
2015-08-02 Good Guyallow ffmpeg video to resample curr_pos, add bluray...
2015-07-21 Good Guyupdate internationalization data
2015-07-17 Good Guydisable XftFontClose calls to avoid bug in X
2015-07-09 Good Guyremove russian for now, xlat is incorrect
2015-07-09 Good Guyimprove ffmpeg err reporting, fix repeated audio on...
2015-07-06 Good Guyclipedit remove vs delete
2015-07-04 Good Guyupgrade ffmpeg/x265, guard avcodec_flush_buffers, fileb...
2015-07-02 Good Guyadd ffmpeg dvd render option, fix undo deadlock, fix...
2015-06-30 Good Guyadd buffer flush to ffmpeg seek, clear loop_session...
2015-06-29 Good Guyfixup qt raw formats
2015-06-29 Good Guyadd u2b format type, tweak j2k, mjpg. rm raw_gray
2015-06-28 Good Guymods to ffmpeg default codec param strategy
2015-06-27 Good Guyffmpeg load_defaults, create default codec file def
2015-06-27 Good Guyimprove ffmpeg format selection popup menu, more ffmpeg...
2015-06-22 Good Guyvorbis bld msgs, ffmpeg one frame/frame flush bug,...
2015-06-21 Good Guyseveral bug fixes and minor feature changes:
2015-06-19 Good Guynix startup on theme fail, fixes for font init and...