2021-01-27 Good GuyAndrea fix for so many sections + minor additions
2021-01-20 Good Guyupdate Batch Rendering for clarification
2021-01-19 Good GuyAndrea reworked Batch Render for changes + minor fixes
2021-01-15 Good Guyupdate footnote to solve duplicate problem
2021-01-14 Good GuyAndrea (fary54) update + minor fixes
2021-01-09 Good Guyswitch from textbf to color of CinBlueText because...
2021-01-07 Good Guyremove leftover jpg file
2021-01-07 Good Guyfix latex2html parameters to match in use set
2021-01-07 Good GuySGE work to get Glossary working +
2021-01-03 Good Guyremake two monitor pngs for quality and in Cakewalk...
2020-12-30 Good Guya few improved Recording images in Cakewalk theme
2020-12-29 Good Guyupdating TV images for better clarity, as in real pngs...
2020-12-23 Good GuySGE auxiliary files to create latex2html; note latex2ht...
2020-12-23 Good Guyfix missing Rendering piece by Andrea
2020-12-23 Good GuyAndrea rework Rendering and Subtitles + index entries...
2020-12-20 Good GuyAndreas's last index entries; some minor fixes from...
2020-12-20 Good Guyhave to rename index.png becausd it conflicts with...
2020-12-19 Good Guy2 changes to accomodate HTML + Andrea lots of index...
2020-12-17 Good GuyIncorporated SGE html needed items and corrections...
2020-12-16 Good GuyAndrea continuing index addition
2020-12-16 Good GuyAndrea continues adding index entries + revisions as...
2020-12-15 Good GuyAndrea starting index entries + minor changes
2020-12-11 Good GuyAdd Index skeleton + catchup minor changes
2020-10-29 Good Guyadd Transport and Buttons Bar
2020-10-20 Good GuyAndrea/Phyllis plugins, shortcuts, and gang fixes
2020-10-15 Good Guyminor changes based on MatN reviews
2020-10-03 Good GuyAndrea corrections and minor fixes
2020-09-30 Good GuyAndrea mods for Camera/Proj menus and Transition Drag...
2020-09-29 Good GuyCorrections from MatN review as done by Andrea (mostly)
2020-09-26 Good GuyAndrea and Phyllis cleanup changes to include Andrea...
2020-09-26 Good Guyminor fixes and include Andrea motion.png
2020-09-25 Good GuyAndrea has included Histogram changes, Theme addition...
2020-09-21 Good GuyAndrea and Andrew corrections and changed placements
2020-09-19 Good GuySGE changes to Motion improvements
2020-09-19 Good GuyNew Motion changes by SGE + other Andrea fixes, MatN...
2020-09-18 Good GuyMatN review + Andrea Real-World and minor changes
2020-09-13 Good GuyMatN review changes
2020-09-09 Good GuyMatN review and Andrea fixes
2020-09-08 Good GuyMatN and Andrea reviewed changes
2020-09-03 Good Guyproblem checking in Recording
2020-09-03 Good GuyAndrea reorganization of manual
2020-08-10 Good GuyAndrea added timecodes and other minor changes
2020-08-04 Good Guyfary54 note fix
2020-07-26 Good Guysge corrections for Motion plugin
2020-07-21 Good Guyminor fixes
2020-07-19 Good Guyminor Andrea fixes
2020-07-17 Good GuyAndrea addition of fary54 real world example + ffmpeg...
2020-07-07 Good GuyAndrea fixes for patchbay
2020-06-30 Good Guyadd ganging section by Andrea + minor fixes
2020-06-23 Good GuyAndrea corrections
2020-06-18 Good Guyminor fixes
2020-06-07 Good Guyaspect ratio theory
2020-06-06 Good Guya couple of more tweaks
2020-06-05 Good Guyreplace patchbay01 to add Data Height toggle icon
2020-06-05 Good Guyminor tweaks from Andrea/Phyllis
2020-06-04 Good Guyminor updates
2020-05-28 Good GuyAndrea Motion-CV plugin improvement summary
2020-05-27 Good GuyAndrea fixes and pngs + Phyllis minor fixes
2020-05-18 Good Guyopencv plugin directory fix
2020-05-14 Good GuySergio chapter 4 corrections for english
2020-05-14 Good Guyadd missing Viewer audio file usage
2020-05-10 Good GuySergio and Andrea corrections
2020-05-10 Good GuySergio provided corrections
2020-05-09 Good GuyAndrea minor Videoscope improvements
2020-05-08 Good GuyAndrea's update for Videoscope + png for Recording...
2020-05-07 Good GuyAndrea's final forever Videoscope updates
2020-05-04 Good Guyadditional Sergio corrections as he proofreads while...
2020-05-03 Good GuySergio corrections
2020-04-30 Good GuyAndrea updated Videoscope; a few other fixes
2020-04-17 Good GuyVideoscope update by Andrea and some minor changes
2020-04-10 Good Guyadd BoxBlur plugin and expand on Allow Keyframe Spanning
2020-04-05 Good Guyupdate ShapeWipe plugins
2020-04-02 Good Guycleanup GFDL manual license references
2020-04-01 Good GuyAndrea fixes
2020-03-31 Good GuyMat's noted corrections
2020-03-28 Good GuyOlaf fix in settings so can cut and paste from pdf...
2020-03-27 Good Guythe last of Andrea's new images; some fixes
2020-03-26 Good Guyrewrote OpenCV in Plugins.tex + added Andrea new images...
2020-03-25 Good GuyAndrea re-created images
2020-03-24 Good Guymore Andrea new images
2020-03-23 Good GuyAndrea recreated images + some fixups
2020-03-22 Good Guyoops on Transition ShapeWipes - removed some due to...
2020-03-22 Good Guyadd IgorB new image + minor Transitions fix
2020-03-21 Good GuyAndrea new images + Olaf informational page + added...
2020-03-20 Good Guyfixed the FIXME-s
2020-03-18 Good GuyOlaf improvement for README.pkgs + fixes and Andrea...
2020-03-18 Good GuyFormatting + fixes from Olaf, added new Transitions
2020-03-17 Good GuyOlaf fixes + Andrea images
2020-03-15 Good Guyadd Andrea new images + add Olaf formatting improvements
2020-03-15 Good GuyAndrea re-created images for standardization + minor...
2020-03-14 Good GuyOlaf changes + a couple of rewordings
2020-03-13 Good Guyadd Olaf Workmark
2020-03-11 Good Guyupdate to Olaf Shortcuts improvements + minor changes
2020-03-09 Good GuyOlaf's cover page + minor corrections
2020-03-02 Good Guymore improvements from Andrea
2020-03-01 Good Guyminor corrections from Andrea, + other improvements
2020-02-26 Good Guya couple of minor changes and more proofread of the...
2020-02-22 Good Guyminor MatN changes; Andrea Cuda info; Phyllis Windows...
2020-02-21 Good Guyadd in Andrea's fixes to Configuration; working on...
2020-02-19 Good Guyminor corrections to LANG usage and add EDL reference...