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5 days ago Good GuyAndrea/Phyllis plugins, shortcuts, and gang fixes master
10 days ago Good Guyminor changes based on MatN reviews
2020-10-03 Good GuyAndrea corrections and minor fixes
2020-09-30 Good GuyAndrea mods for Camera/Proj menus and Transition Drag...
2020-09-29 Good GuyCorrections from MatN review as done by Andrea (mostly)
2020-09-26 Good GuyAndrea and Phyllis cleanup changes to include Andrea...
2020-09-26 Good Guyminor fixes and include Andrea motion.png
2020-09-25 Good GuyAndrea has included Histogram changes, Theme addition...
2020-09-21 Good GuyAndrea and Andrew corrections and changed placements
2020-09-19 Good GuySGE changes to Motion improvements
2020-09-19 Good GuyNew Motion changes by SGE + other Andrea fixes, MatN...
2020-09-18 Good GuyMatN review + Andrea Real-World and minor changes
2020-09-13 Good GuyMatN review changes
2020-09-09 Good GuyMatN review and Andrea fixes
2020-09-08 Good GuyMatN and Andrea reviewed changes
2020-09-03 Good Guyproblem checking in Recording
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