4 days ago Good Guyfix small url problem master 2022-11
5 days ago Good Guytiny correction
5 days ago Good GuyAndrea updated detailed information on MKV + minor...
2022-11-19 Good GuyAdd workaround for color model change before load backu...
2022-11-10 Good Guyminor additions concerning clip thumbnails
2022-11-05 Good Guyadd missing paragraph to Overlay plugin
2022-11-04 Good Guyadded important details about using vaapi with proxy
2022-11-04 Good Guyinformation on script for proxy creation speedup
2022-10-31 Good Guyminor updates / correction 2022-10
2022-10-28 Good GuyAnother set of overlay illustrations
2022-09-28 Good GuyAndrea minor changes to keep relevant 2022-09
2022-09-21 Good GuyAdded Alac audio as documented by Andrea
2022-09-03 Good Guydelete F_chromakey_cuda filter
2022-08-22 Good Guyupdate plugins for ffmpeg 5.1 by Andrea 2022-08
2022-08-08 Good Guyvery minor change
2022-08-08 Good Guyminor correction
2022-08-08 Good Guynew Color Management section by Andrea
2022-07-29 Good Guyhelp for working with color from Andrea via DeJay 2022-07
2022-07-25 Good Guyadd 1 line about F_ effects for clarification
2022-07-18 Good Guyminor change for hw acceleration
2022-07-10 Good Guyminor fix from Andrea
2022-07-02 Good GuyAndrea has fixed the build/install to avoid using root
2022-06-30 Good Guyadd options of debian and ubuntu testing 2022-06
2022-06-19 Good Guybitstream option not currently working
2022-06-04 Good GuyYUV color change mod
2022-05-26 Good Guytiny corrections 2022-05
2022-05-26 Good Guyminor updates for Timecode by Andrea
2022-05-05 Good Guyadditional beneficial information added in Tips by...
2022-05-03 Good Guynote on adding chapter intervals for tsmuxer
2022-05-01 Good Guyadded setarch i686 Note suggestion from Andrew
2022-04-30 Good Guyredo bluray create screen by Andrea 2022-04
2022-04-29 Good Guyupdate Bluray for new Andrew audio options and chapters
2022-04-22 Good Guyadd note on Elive about having 32-bit Debian also
2022-04-18 Good Guytiny changes
2022-04-14 Good GuyAndrea updated Mat's improved appimage build script...
2022-04-07 Good Guyadd DPX possibilty for read
2022-03-29 Good GuyAndrea added Igor workaround and cleaned up 2022-03
2022-03-23 Good GuyUpdated to correctly reflect Georgy's code fixes and...
2022-03-22 Good Guybetter by Andrea
2022-03-21 Good Guyshape wipe updates
2022-03-18 Good Guyadd bad file format error message
2022-03-08 Good Guyminor fix by Igor
2022-02-14 Good Guymore minor fixes 2022-02
2022-02-12 Good Guyminor improvements from Andrea
2022-02-11 Good GuyAndrea-s update for appimage and linuxdeploy management
2022-02-08 Good Guyadd masks need Alpha channel
2022-02-03 Good Guyminor corrections and update to 2022 2022-01
2022-01-29 Good GuyAppImage different capabilities
2022-01-27 Good Guyeven more minor corrections
2022-01-27 Good Guyminor corrections
2022-01-22 Good Guyone more IgorB fix
2022-01-21 Good Guyproxy examples from IgorB and a few other changes
2022-01-18 Good Guyadd Forum inability to register solution
2022-01-14 Good Guyminor corrections as noted by Terje and Miroslav
2021-12-30 Good Guyvery minor correction 2021-12
2021-12-24 Good GuyReroute plugin additional information by Andrea
2021-12-20 Good GuyAndrea updated Plugins due to updated code for 14 of...
2021-12-17 Good GuyAndrea cleans up my changes!
2021-12-15 Good Guyminor fixes for image sequences
2021-12-11 Good Guyupdate image sequence list creationg
2021-12-04 Good GuyAndrea provided corrections
2021-12-01 Good Guyforgot one fix in Android
2021-12-01 Good Guyminor fixes for Android
2021-11-30 Good Guyadd Android/Termux build notes from Andrew email 2021-11
2021-11-24 Good Guyremove Formats.tex since now part of Quickstart.tex...
2021-11-23 Good Guyminor section name change to prevent future conflice
2021-11-21 Good GuyAndrea-s formats and codecs improvements
2021-11-20 Good GuyAndrea supplied Formats/Codecs section in Appendix
2021-11-16 Good Guyclarification from Andrea
2021-11-15 Good Guyadd innovative feature to introduction
2021-11-10 Good Guytiny fix
2021-11-09 Good Guyminor fixes to include need for libGLU for OpenGL/AppImage
2021-11-07 Good Guyadd Tip reference
2021-11-06 Good Guyupdate Elive web locations
2021-10-27 Good Guytiny update to translations 2021-10
2021-10-09 Good GuyImage Sequences information by Andrea
2021-10-04 Good Guyreally minor updates
2021-09-14 Good Guymore color management tips from Andrea 2021-09
2021-09-05 Good Guyadd solution for Forum unsafe operation
2021-09-04 Good GuyMantis BT help that I keep forgetting
2021-08-31 Good Guyadd another item to when things go wrong 2021-08
2021-08-30 Good GuyAndrea added Speed PerCent plugin
2021-08-29 Good Guyadd new ffmpeg 4.4 one line description
2021-08-11 Good Guyminor improvement
2021-08-11 Good Guydocument SLOW_SPEED and FAST_SPEED parameters
2021-08-09 Good Guyfix multbit x265 installation
2021-08-09 Good Guyimprovements from Andrea
2021-08-08 Good Guyminor changes for clarification
2021-08-08 Good Guyremove leftover hard-coded chapter number
2021-08-07 Good Guytypo fix spotted by Andrew
2021-08-05 Good Guyone line fix
2021-08-05 Good Guyupdate Installation for multibit availability and how-to
2021-07-28 Good Guybackground rendering tip addition 2021-07
2021-07-26 Good Guyimproved formatting by Andrea
2021-07-23 Good Guyupdate with Andrea more Context Help + minor
2021-07-16 Good Guyminor improvements from Andrea
2021-07-12 Good Guyadd Export EDL document by Andrea
2021-07-07 Good GuyAndrea Color stuff in lieu of Color Management
2021-07-06 Good GuyAndrea additions +
2021-06-22 Good Guyadd how to use 4 windows as a group 2021-06