Andrea mods for Camera/Proj menus and Transition Drag, and other minor fixes
[goodguy/cin-manual-latex.git] / parts / Transition.tex
2020-09-30 Good GuyAndrea mods for Camera/Proj menus and Transition Drag...
2020-09-19 Good GuyNew Motion changes by SGE + other Andrea fixes, MatN...
2020-04-05 Good Guyupdate ShapeWipe plugins
2020-03-22 Good Guyoops on Transition ShapeWipes - removed some due to...
2020-03-22 Good Guyadd IgorB new image + minor Transitions fix
2020-03-18 Good GuyOlaf improvement for README.pkgs + fixes and Andrea...
2020-03-18 Good GuyFormatting + fixes from Olaf, added new Transitions
2020-03-14 Good GuyOlaf changes + a couple of rewordings
2020-03-13 Good Guyadd Olaf Workmark
2020-01-28 Good Guymore corrections from Andrea
2020-01-25 Good GuyMatN fixed cinelerra to be Cinelerra in many places...
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